Wednesday, November 28, 2007


sometimes "i" feel like giving that 10rs to the beggar on the road ,but "i" also feel like saving it for my weekend churmuri."i" set the alarm at 4..but "i" also motku on its head as soon as it goes off and sleep for 2 more hrs ."i" must not tell lies "i" think,but "i" also agree a little approximation will save me a lot of explanation,"i" love watching cricket but "i" also fully realise it's what people do for want of better work...blah blah .these apparent contradictions apart..what i am trying to figure out is it the same "i" that manages to come up with all these mutually conflicting actions or are all of these small "i"s part of the bigger "i".
whichever "i" it is, "i" think "i" have confused you enough.


Nikhil.S.Kaundinya said...

and "I" for an "I" makes all the readers mind go blind..!!
wasnt my SPONTANEOUS comment better than the post..!?? :P :P :P

Anonymous said...

koli fu****n spontaneous man

Anonymous said...

i mean the post not the comment!!:P