Monday, December 24, 2007

"fuzzy" logic

for somebody who believes there is a pattern to all our lives,there is a reason for and in life,life has become a series of raised -eyebrow stuff.the apopheniac must be prepared for rude disappointments.the world truly appears chaotic to say the least.but i refuse to give in..all these events lead to something..they must..(like chekhov's protagonists).may be we dont see a pattern a painter who has just about begin his work..for somebody watching,not acquainted with his train of thoughts all his crooked lines and shades seem meaningless but as he continues.. "order" re-appears.may be our life's a painting that's just started.
whenever i go to the "men's parlor" to get a hair cut,and give a perplexed look for the sheer reckless pace my barber chops strands at will and what i perceive his fancies...he says " relax...i know what i am doing even if u dont".so i guess..all i must do is a "keep a still head" while he and the world "try" to make sense.


nikhil said...

in a completely sane world.......madness is the only freedom...!!

Srikishan said...

I used to spend hours thinking about this...phenomenon, i'd like to ignore other better words for this. Giving a common example, sometimes i have been fed up with the 'kani' which our parents bring up over our habits- may be food, clothing, fashion (in my case a lack of interest for it)... and so on. Sometimes i irritatedly observe that they would go against what they would have liked in their childhood.What would be appreciated in one social group would in all possibility be despised in an other. Which would give rise to the enigma- Are life-'styles' just randomized expressions borne out of one or a group of persons, subconsciously forced into the rest of the society? Hard to figure out the answer, though a part of me feels it is true. But the other half would say that common expressions and observations of homo sapiens coagulate into 'human order'(without bringing cosmic or universal order into this). But a third part of me believes in the forcing of the so called order by geo-racial-factors. Yet another part of me believes that order is brought randomly- 'order' brought without an order.
SO THEN... IF YOU ARE NOT CONFUSED ENOUGH,kudos. Well, if you are,