Tuesday, November 13, 2007

You like people, who are like You.

ramblings of the the lonely surfer!!.it has become a daily ritual for me now, to hop from one profile to another on orkut,in search of someone, somewhere who will force my sleepy eyelids open,some one liner,some decent testimonial,anything out of the ordinary...and somewhere in the midst of all these, i asked myself why am i doing this or rather why some useless people like me do this(i have company no doubt),and perhaps the most convincing explanation i could come up was i was not trying to find "somebody" there, but was only trying to find glimpses of myself in others,(guess some people will never cease being a narcissist.!!).it sort of gives me a strange vicarious satisfaction when i see an ayn rand or SLB figure in their "books"; hazaaron khwaishein aisi,15 park avenue, in their "movies".all this crap about friends complimenting each other is merely superfluous. u must have a strong undercurrent of congruent interest(s)(read passions)first,everything else will be mere details(uff..).so every time u say i have nothing in common with 'x' but we are the thickest of friends,check your premises,u would definitely have at least one thing in common, sufficient enough to carry your whole interaction together.Unlike poles attract; is only true for magnets and should not be applied to the infinitely more disordered, collection of hormones called humans.
unlike humans are unlikely to attract each other.

so next time my friends act like idiots and absolute imbeciles,somewhere i know i share their madness.so PEACE!!


nikhil said...

we are as unique as every1 else....
as we all know...only 6 degrees of seperation exists between all of us..so....

CresceNet said...
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piyu said...

I concur with your thought about the unlikelihood of unlike people attracting each other.. true!!
coz' ultimately , we are all a product of what our surroundings deem us to be and somehow , we are on a constant lookout for that thread of bonding.. a trait we share..an event that enriched us alike..
Coz' earlier , being crazy meant something , but now everyone is crazy. and perhaps , if not anything , it is the craziness that brings a few together..
Succintly put , but point made. Good post!
Blog on!!