Saturday, November 24, 2007

Wistful Wails

when tears are shoved away and sighs betray
i wish i could find your shoulder to rest on.

when life becomes a little too serious a mockery,
i wish i could learn your laugh.

when i need to stand up and face them at their mercy,
i wish i could sense your hands clasp mine.

when i doubt myself and my words,
i wish i could feel u nodding inside me.

when the entire horizon looks hazy,
i wish i could see u beckon me from far.

when i freeze in this "cold" world,
i wish u were here a little closer, a little snugger.

lost in the dunes of vulgar emptiness ,
i sing the familiar song "i wish u were here"


Anonymous said...

naan illave raaja ninage.......!!! i am "here".....!!

sushruth said...

@ the so called anonymous
raaja naa ninna ballenu