Tuesday, November 27, 2007

On the right to mock..

"it seems there is something called as "abhaava vairagya" in indian philosophy, which means a sense of(snobbish and superflous) detachment and renunciation towards something u cannot achieve/u have tried and failed to achieve. most of us at one time or the other fall prey to this.the other day we were talking about how pathetic a quiz was and how stupid the quizmaster was.indeed it was a mockery of all the quizzing we knew.no doubts,but the hard fact remains we got knocked out in the first round itself.
the only person according to me who has the right to sneer on it is the winner and no one else.the same logic perhaps applies to our universities and colleges.except the topper, all of us are plain "sour".just because grapes are a little too high might not necessarily mean they are sour.
its a quote only if EINSTEIN says "schooling doesn't teach u anything"if i and u say it ..well..never mind.

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Nikhil.S.Kaundinya said...

ya ya..........now i know y we dont win in quizzies.......yellaru daddru ashte...!! :P :P