Monday, November 05, 2007

Being grumpy is not worth the effort...

if u ask me i have made a lifetime out of sulking and complaining,about everything,my shoes,my friends,my college,the weather around...and suddenly i realise it could have been so much more simple, so much more easy. the facade that i put put up,is so unnecessary,so uncomfortable,i have been so used to wearing the mask i have been wearing,that i had just about forgotten how i look within,its so easier to be happy. with a little effort i could pull off that veneer that so much threatened to become me. that typical disdain,that snobbish contempt for most around u,can be so easily done away appears and is so beautiful if only u are willing to not close your eyes. for all these years life has not been perfect and neither will it be in the future,but then as "somebody" sent me a message right when i needed it,"being happy doesn't mean life's perfect, it only means u are willing to look beyond those imperfections" cheers!!

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