Sunday, May 06, 2007

room for life

my life is a little like my room.. always messed up, every time somebody "important" is supposed to come i try to push the filth under the cot. only to hide it. never making an effort to remove each time there is more dirt, more waste.. then it starts to stink and all my efforts to hide come to nothing. i cant shove the smell off.i suffer it. too afraid to look to afraid to life is a little like my room .. shantaram lying on top of a certain JBK das.each time i pick up one i miss the other. an empty pen stand ,a 2006 calendar marked with a time table to study mocks at me on my table.i see my comp shrouded in dust.. a guitar waiting for salvation...
today i cleaned my room it 'appears' better.someday i must start cleaning my life..
my life is a little like my room sumptous yet belittling


nikhil said...

dude...........if life does not have cobwebs......whats the use of living...!??
we all have cobwebs......but v dont dust them off....cause they teach us somethings.......remind us of somethings.....helps us live thru somethings...!!!

The Shining Path said...

"A clean table implies a cluttered drawer/cupboard"-Chinese saying