Saturday, May 19, 2007

indelible stains....

there are these small,seemingly trivial moments in life that get permanently recorded in "hidden" bookmarks left admist the pages of life itself. somehow never managed to forget them. yet i know it was nothing significant (it was not intended to be that at least)..a phrase uttered, a glance stolen,a gesture..they are quicksands of my past. i might have crawled through them.. but some part of me is still buried there.i carry these everyday.. reliving them with the same intensity each day....these r not moments of joy or victory of grief but something more..something that stands as a culmination of a lot of choices i made..if i put together all these snaps perhaps i would get a very clear picture of how i have lived my life. the signpost might be wrong but the billboards are not.
It is on momentous ocassions that life is revealed but it is in small moments that life is understood.

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