Wednesday, May 23, 2007


someday i'll kneel before u
& make bare confesions
until then, bless my silence

someday,while u walk alone,i'll
come and hold your hand
until then, bless my absence

someday i'll hold u
by my arms before u trip,
until then, bless my blindness

someday i'll show u
all riches of the heart
until then, bless my poverty

someday i'll ask u
to forgive me
until then, bless my cowardice

someday i'll not
bid u farewell so abruptly
until then, bless my helplessness

1 comment:

mithila said...

Amen......perfectly asserted the innocence...(maybe you really have been able to keep it alive within you..)
rare to find "somebody" who can portray one's struggle with his own such an exquisite manner.
difficult to escape from some of the lines...."someday i'll hold u
by my arms before u trip,"

loved it......