Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Indiscreet observations

in shantaram he says the the universe evolves towards increasing complexity..and in that case i am supree..mly evolved.the other day i was trying to pick a pastry from a confectionery and i brooded on my choices for 15 min straight.complexity comes naturally to me.i simply cant,inspite of all my efforts be simple.i bring so many trivial variables while even making a simple decision that i get lost juggling them."U think too much" my father keeps telling me..perhaps its simple only if u know what u want...for then the only thing remaining is to get it.but for somebody who is yet to be enlightened, everything is equally enticing and equally repelling.so i end up saying anything is ok for me..which actually is an euphemism for i cant decide which is best for me.that to me is a great weakness.i used to say i am not particular about the dresses i wear,i care least about them..blah blah..but then i realised that when i refuse to make a choice,i am giving up the control of my life however trivial that part of me is,which i found entirely acceptable..for in the end i should atleast have the satisfaction of having suffered due to my own choices.

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Anonymous said...

c.......if u had taken me to that pastry shop...it we could have taken 2 pastries and tried them and u would have 1 less to choose from....!!! chaaay.....thats y never go alone to a pastry shop....!!!