Sunday, February 24, 2008

It takes one to know one

it has happened to me before, a song i have heard umpteen times before,suddenly seems more meaningful,more soulful.a one liner i had never been able to understand suddenly comes alive.everything suddenly falls into place in a moment of epiphany.and i wonder then why i didn't understand it the first time i came across these , and i realise i wasn't ready then.i am more mature now.what is maturity but coming back to the same problem with greater preparedness...greater experience.each day something gets added to our repertoire of experiences.and then if u can recall... something surely becomes what i do now is read, remember and wait till it strikes me with its meaning.all i can do is wait..but often its worth it.
i knew it was a nice line even when i first read it..but perhaps its only now that i understand what khaled hussaini meant when he said for u a thousand times over....

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