Saturday, March 29, 2008

To each onto his own

my life has been a series of HR blunders,i detest people easily, needing no great convincing to do so..and the few i have managed to like have never felt the need to reciprocate ;) here i stand 22 years after i opened my eyes to this species called homo sapiens ; still looking for a shoulder to lean on, a pair of eyes to laugh with,a hand to clasp.its like what Maupassant says..i am like the statue in the middle of the market place,all around me,but none with sometimes when i am walking, i ask myself if i should turn the other way and say hello to a long lost friend...check up what he is upto these days.and then i ask why..just for the sake of it ?? and i usually decide to go my way and open up my reluctant,lone, empty room.but this sunday i finally decided to turn the other way...with courage i climbed up those "hallowed" steps leading up to his room and with one long deep breath knocked on the door...
it was locked.and i saw was shut upon me.and there the adventure ended.
i could have gone the next day,may be he would have been home,may be not.but the steps never turned the other way,and i have left the steps and something inside me unconquered


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jayanthi said...

Nice one :) Most of the things written in this post resonates with me esp. the first few lines