Wednesday, September 12, 2007

musings of a somnambulist.!!!!

sometimes its hard to hate yourself..
sometimes its hard to like others...
sometimes its better to let the kid enjoy the candy
that he found luckily on the street,
sometimes peace has a price to pay..
sometimes the only way to appear sane is to behave like insane,
sometimes ignorance is a privilege u wished for, but could not afford,
sometimes ambiguity becomes your only saving grace,
sometimes u wish u knew what u dream..
sometimes u know..but u still hope,
sometimes lying awake is such a waste of time,
sometimes lies are so comforting,u wonder why they have to be called so,
sometimes your eyes can be so ruthless,
sometimes its hard to hate yourself..
sometimes u know...u don't have to...
if death weren't such a frightening mystery would we still want to live!!!!


nikhil said...

and whats somnambulist...!?!

sushruth said...

somebody who walks in sleep..dont tell me u didnt know...

Kishan said...

Adyenenu blogs haakthiyo rajaa... btw was this your own composition?

sushruth said...

ya it is (who else can write so pathetically)