Sunday, September 30, 2007

loud whispers

things i have always wanted to say people.but never did..
will u ever shut up,
god!i wonder what if u were as intelligent as u think u are,
u r under an oath i guess to juxtapose extremely contrasting colours and show that they can be worn ...err..(my choice of words are deliberate)
the more u try to tell us what u have achieved the more we start doubting your worthiness..
do something for your sense of stinks
no kite runner is not a cartoon show like road runner.(no i am not making this up)
do u actually read all the books that u borrow or u use it for weight calibration.
if the doors of heaven were to open half as frequently as u grin,half the mankind would have got through,
the only reason we stay together is because we both haven't yet found someone better..
i might say i like you,but why tell something i myself am not sure of,
i am not going to trust u again,i said it last time also,
my genuine sympathies with all those who have to bear u..
u were so sane come...oh i guess u are entitled to eccentricities...
its so nice to have mutual hatred for each other...
man ..u r good except at the very moment i bank on u..
ah...the art of flattery..often used..loses charm
oh how i wish i had ur skill and u my confidence...
someday,we both will laugh over how foolishly we both had behaved.. to ourselves seperately
i wish i were sure u never will read my blog..would have been more fun then...
but i dont think about you at all..(courtesy ayn rand)

P.S-the concept is borrowed..originality to be credited whenever u feel like u r being addressed..for readers,if any

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nikhil said...

papa papa namma setu...!!!