Tuesday, September 11, 2007

the importance of units...

well a "gentleman" fondly called KBS has emphasised the importance and use of appropriate units in all his problems..and i realised it a few days back much to my chagrin.
i was entrusted with the shopping part of the ensuing festivities as a preparation for future obligations..i resented..but couldn't help it...
so i went on a fine afternoon..after finishing my lab..to get hannu- hoovu..only to realise flowers come to the market only in the evenings..but nevertheless..i persisted...and found an hovamma..and i realised i had to buy 5..err 5(something)god what were the units..they were measured in something...(yards,metres,furlong..)and i i kept staring at her without speaking..she finally asked me -eshtu "maaru" buddhi...so there it was. it was called maaru...and i said " haan ondu 5 maar kodi saaku"..as if i always knew..
scene 2
i went to a fruit shop and i asked him how much was a dozen of banana..(ya i knew it this time..)but the fellow stumps me by saying.."illi kg lekka" now how the hell am i supposed to know how much a dozen weighed...which would require the specific weight of banana..conspicuously missing from our data hand books..;)
well i did manage to make a deal with the fellow..i concede a pinch of clumsiness..
but sir,it sure drove home your point...

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