Sunday, August 05, 2007

finding the right _____

co-ordinating(read being present at) everyone's recruitment process without being a participant in that chaos is a privilige i have thoroughly enjoyed.the way we approach our "placements" to me is a mere extension of the choices we make in our lives.and i have found to my own utter dismay, disturbing similarities between finding a job and finding a girl.!!!
most of us keep emphasizing our resolution to wait for the right___ but a little later some of us realise that perhaps some___is better than no____.and of course all___ are almost the same.their offers are almost the same, just a few variations here and there.this desperation creeps in mainly due to the elders(HRs) who before rejecting our advances to their___ convince that we are not good for any ___ in general.most of us however do believe in these half-truths and adopt the the tried and tested strategy of "try and try and try again tommorow"until some ___decides u r good enough.that is to say try your luck from the first___ u come across till the fated's the catch- once some ___ selects u ,u r not permitted to pursue any other ___.(infidelity!!??).though in a lot of "other" places u can have more than one___.we are firm .of course u can have as many ___ unofficially(off-campus) as u can fend for.
theoretically atleast there is a chance of a dream ___ coming in.a dream ___usually tends to be a____,far superior in all respects,and everybody would want this dream___ but if u already have a ___u can contest only when almost everyone along with u has got a ____.therefore u must see to it that others also get a ____,so that later we can have the luxury of 2 ____(but this never happens no matter how well the economy is doing).Till then we stand by our unspoken rule one man one___.


nikhil said...

ROFL ROFL....!!!
neat man....btu alas....some ____ offer thyself to me/u....unfortunately some ___ always eludes us....and some other ___ seems to be sooooooo desperate that we tend to think wether the ____ is a legitimate or not...!!!

Raghu said...

yeah i also agree that there is a wonderful similarity between finding a girl and our campus placements.............we dont get (often the case)the 'company' we wished for and after the marriage we start loving the 'company'we were destined for...sorry for that word destiny since we can always change that...........but there's another thing in which "bride seeking" is different from "bread seeking" only for the fact that we can always jump into other companies satisfied or dissatisfied with hte older ones and after peeping into their greener pastures one cannot resist jumping into them and of course its the case these days........but after u have selected a girl and married her there is little or no chance for'peeping'.......but in companies still there are the faithful ones who stick onto their first 'flames' and never want to detatch from the 'warmth'it offers.............anyway a good piece of writing maga


We can change our _______, as and when we find greener pastures, or when you get dissatisfied with the present______. Raghu must be an innocent guy. ;-D