Friday, July 20, 2007

good fences make good neighbours

Hmm . . . . its going to be one long year without him, a friend who came just at the right time and left at almost the right time. somebody who was there but not quite, stayed long enough for me to remember him but short enough to wave him good bye with not so much of a discomfort, probably like a ‘paste it’ notes…u know…its always there as long as u want it but would not try to stubbornly stick itself when its time to remove it, to some one who showed me how to remain detached, and showed me how unambiguous a relationship can be, a far cry from my usual convoluted mazes. to someone who showed me once for all that good fences make good neighbors.

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nikhil said...

pehle hum deewaron ke beech rehete the....ab humare beech deeware rehethe hain.... :)