Saturday, June 30, 2007

baptisation !!!

As once more you descend
from your heavenly abode,
i beg thee with all my tears,
cleanse me this once.
i raise my arms and call for you,
pass through me this once.
let each blissful drop fall on me
and thence and thence,
wash away fear from my heart...
let sin remain i nay ask for that.
let hate too remain,
but take away that diabolic envy,
let evil remain,
but kill that traitorous hypocrisy,
let violence remain,
but suck away cruelty,
i dont ask you to aureate the fields,
but the minds.
imbue me with nothing more but simplicity.
pull me from this 'pompous' limbo.
in the redolence of those first drops,
i smell my redemption,
baptise me this once.

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