Saturday, August 18, 2007

All that Remains...

The court ordered the excavation at the sacred/disputed site.
to search for evidences to interpret the past.the specialists were called in.Specialists who would give an opinion as to who had destroyed whose structure first.both the parties dreaded the decision,an end seemed inevitable-precisely what they had struggled hard to avoid-an END.dig they did and soon the shovels struck something else than a stone.they all dug carefully,and whatever it was, was present in huge numbers,they felt it all over the site. and then it dawned upon them as they all shuddered in disbelief..
remains it was...of all men and women who were murdered brutally,killed mercilessly,of all those people who realised the futility,only when it was too late.
bones and skulls strewn all over,of innocent victims,of wily perpetuators,all who went down for this 'cause' sans reason. in mockery, in contempt,they lie as an ominous reminder of our misguided beliefs and priorities.

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nikhil said...

holy crap......!! damn good man.......hope this is fiction...!!