Saturday, May 17, 2008

having come so far..u might as well read it

u know what.. i am supposed to write something romantic today!! and am in the worst of moods to do so.Now it's not that i need a reason to get upset though, i can make trivial events substantial enough to offset the fragile balance between my getting along and sulking..nah..i have got used to it and so have a few people around me ;).i sometimes wonder if deep within i am a its not that i love seeing people in pain or want to inflict suffering on them.. (in fact mosquitoes are the only mobile living things i can kill or rather try to kill.).what i actually mean is...if X gets upset because I am upset, i sort of feel technically i am rejoicing on a grief ..(please please dont stop reading this blog :-p)..
in case u r wondering what the F*** this is all's just that i have a bad headache and not getting any what better than banging on ur keyboard and have the gratification of immortalising it on the net.
will try and come up with something better soon,until then try the "I read " links down..people have suddenly become more productive..

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