Friday, May 23, 2008

Blogging about my getting boggled, when people ogle ;)

I hate when the 40 s something man pedaling on his cycle, cranes his neck, owl like to watch a 20s something girl right around the road bend. No, i have no problem with their ages..but to me its sort of indecent to make it so obvious.. doesn't it need to be done a little more subtly, in a more refined way... of course most of us "eye" a girl a second time,not in any amorous way..hmm...(i generalize..erring on the side of honour !!) but just as u would spare a second glance at a rose blossomed in a garden..fully aware that u may never see that again..
but to literally go out of your "way" or turn 180 degrees around, is something i at least cant associate with being well-bred.agreed u have your instincts to tackle, but like in so many cases where we hold our nerve for the sake of civility,a lot of embarrassment can be avoided.
Ideally "the one watching" must be the only one aware ..or as in more general cases "the one being watched" might also be added. but apart from these 2, i see no no reason why anybody else must be made privy to this. a subject and an object are enough..(predicates should be disposed of)as i see it..its a private act done in public.
The observer in no way should affect the observed and certainly there is no need of an audience to view this experiment being conducted day in, day out


Anonymous said...

Do u blog just cuz u HAVE to???

sushruth said...

hehe.. i don't.By the way, people should comment only if they HAVE to!!!

Anonymous said...

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Niki Nachappa said...

Now whoever is the anonymous, his/her sentiments are not shared at all. Way to go buddy, Keep posting more.

But I must wonder if this post was justifiable if in ur "single" days? Not that u shudnt, just if ur allowed to :P