Thursday, January 10, 2008

HOT sympathies

I was listening to FM today morning, and I have this habit of picturising/visualizing (flashes upon that inward eye ;) a la daffodils) whether I am reading a novel or listening to a song, and this was an old song,I had never heard before, it was a duet, with lata at one end and am not sure of the male play back singer at the non strikers’ (watching too much cricket u see)
And it was a typical bollywood romance song, rain song I guessed, with the lyrics being extremely descriptive.
The heroine says” my dupatta stuck to me, rain kissed me and I trembled with desire”
And then the hero says” you yawned thus and I felt …”
Now which human in her senses would yawn when she is getting soaked head to toe in rain and dancing…beats me….Om Shanti Om.
We will come back to it some other time. That was not what I was trying to tell u.
Now my imagination is not only wild but realistic and holistic also, so I also tried to picturise lata mangeshkar evoking those emotions while singing in a closed, recording room with music directors and orchestra accompanists all senior citizens needless to say.
I wonder where these singers look for inspiration. Let me clarify, the hero can actually see the heroine, feel her and therefore INDULGE himself and u know.. get those APPROPRIATE expressions, but poor playback singers!!.in order that she sings that seductive song, she first would have to feel that she is trying to seduce somebody and then go on to sing it in that mood.
If that is the case of singers for 5 min of rubbish, imagine the case of dubbing artists who lend their voice to the entire film, imagine their plight, when they have to lend their voices to some intimate scenes ( much to familiar to all of u and better not elaborated here ).technically speaking isn’t that a tough ask…

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