Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Flying Kiss

Today was some kind of a seclusion,for college,messages cost dearly..!!! so had to abstain from that,and needless to say everybody else felt the same way,and i didn't receive any either. as usual i started to think about myself,and others in myself.21 years is a long time,and add to it the 8 different institutions i went to in 5 different states, it's been one long itinerary.i wondered where that school bully atul is,that joker mahindra,that fat aditya,that 's' prerana(i don't even remember their surnames now),all lost to me now. that slender thread of acquaintance... it snapped as soon as our ways not complaining, i don't need them and neither do they need me,and moreover its even more stupid to try to sustain it for the sole reason that we happened to go by the same auto for 2 years and nothing ever since.i just sort of am curious to ask.. him if he still jerks his head while answering,if that blue friendship band is still with her,if mamta kulkarni still is his fav actress,if he still thought 'p' liked him more than me,would he blush if i remind him that he wanted to propose to 'a' way back in 6th ..if she still touches her ears when she says sorry..those little idiosyncrasies,trivial details, that made up their and part of my life then, to find in them a shared joy evoke a oh-so -innocent- feeling..all i would want to say is au-revoir and bon-voyage


Nikhil. said...

i mean.........mamtha kulkarni was cute and "WELL BUILT" then man...!! whatever has happened to her now...!!!??

Pri said...


@nikhil: okay you do not describe women as 'well built' ever! not unless you want heels thrown at you.

Nikhil. said...

@pri avare...
a 21yr old kid like me needs to learn a lot no...!?? and it takes a lil time no..!!!??

sushruth said...

google her..if she's on net chances r u'll find her
whatever"awwwwww" means..thank u
if i were u i would't prod nikhil...he feeds on it, but then u might as well go ahead