Monday, March 05, 2007

the virtue of frivolity

success and purpose have been preposterously exaggerated in our lives.u have to win,nay you have to win must have a goal in life,aim nay a precise aim.i have often asked myself whether some aim is better than no aim at all whether we must succeed because we must live or we must live because we want to succeed!!.either path does not make sense to me.
life they say as such has no meaning its u who give it some.why bother then. why is it wrong to live life just the way it is- meaningless, devoid of purpose,where the only thing i want is to breath this second.nothing beyond.why is it wrong to be 'content 'with very little things in life.why go in search of knowledge,wisdom enlightment...your having read gorky,pushkin,emerson,blake means nothing apart from satisfying your ego of having done something that the world thinks is good. we are born with some instincts like hunger,trying to avoid pain,..(these might be difficult to get rid of so its better we stick with them).why complicate things by adding more to our list.why is it bad to live like animals,they do so less harm.
perhaps its not that easy.but its worth a collective try.

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The Shining Path said...

Rand has put it beautifullly in the fountainhead..
"The desire to choose the hardest might well be a confession of weakness in itself"
sadly there aren't many takers...frivolity is confused with mediocrity which is absolutely stupid!
hopin for a frivolous world with some simple people....