Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's not only the river that meanders..

It's been quite a while now, that we started walking, why are your feet wet even now?
I knew perhaps you liked the river, but didn't we choose the desert together?.
Perhaps It's unfair to you that I keep checking whether your feet are wet ? but they are wet. Aren't they?
Had you gone to the river again?
I have never seen you going, But I have traced your footsteps many times.They were yours weren't they?
and look! your feet are still wet. Aren't they?
Did the river come to you?
perhaps. But I don't want to ask the river, I can't ask the river. but I wish it stays away, I wish you might stay away. Tell me, were you simply curious?
Alas! there can be bigger tragedies. Much water has flown under the bridge, but your feet are still wet, aren't they?
Let it not drown me. The river will never be far from me as long as it is not far from you.I dread someday, it'll be between us.
We don't need the Wry-ver, but will your feet still be wet?.......  

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