Monday, September 26, 2011

When the world does not laugh with you.....

I have a pet peeve -People don't really appreciate my sense of humour( which IMHO, is highly evolved).Now that I think of it, I can't think of anything mine that people appreciate, but there's only so much that one can sulk in a post.So, what I mean to say is I don't crack people up with my antics((My grandfather gets very angry when somebody cracks up his antiques)See what I mean!!). Nor do I have a one-liners ready mandating high-fives(Which incidentally is Chetan Bhagat's GPA :p).But I still rate myself very high on the humour quotient.(You must have seen my talent if all those brackets have not confused you.But see, that's the challenge. It must also have crossed your mind that I don't rate myself low in anything.Point taken.But will you kindly read ahead?Thank you!)
 I really think I, at times, crack very intelligent jokes. I am so particular at making it 'intelligent' that the 'joke' part sometimes gets sidelined. Once it so happened that after I recited a joke, a short silence followed  before a gentleman asked me if banana was the answer. I felt peeled and told him that it was not a puzzle. Once banana was out of the picture, a few among the audience told me that they now got the joke.
Anyway, I have given up on a career in stand-up comedy.A few would say I could not have done worse but atleast now, I can sit while I suck So I have decided to regale selected people only.(Most of them are too closely related to stop seeing me, you see).
I also feel that am very good at understanding puns, sarcasms and mockery. Infact I am so good at it, that I can see a pun where there is none.I can go to multiple levels,planes and languages to derive an additional meaning. I have appreciated many a speaker for no fault of his/hers.
I have also been a student of humour in my own way. I have tried to analyse why some jokes are funny and why some are ludicrous. Why some produce a smile and some others a guffaw...(I could go on... I have GRE Verbal ability software literary talent also you see... ). Infact even with our current capabilities, I think it's possible to build algorithms that can make computer systems understand jokes. If they can play jeopardy, they can get my jokes.
I told my friend that I spent 1000 rupees on 2 books that tried to explain why jokes are funny.Yes, he laughed.    
P.S-It is not to insult your intelligence that I have italicized word plays. You can always use it to insult mine.


Niki Nachappa said...

A gem of a line " I have appreciated many a speaker for no fault of his/hers."

Among people that "know" me, I have a reputation for "seeing" jokes, those little things ppl do that no one notices but me or visualizing what people say (trust me that can be ROFL material). Of course that means the laugh is usually mine alone.

But then, come to think of it, sometimes I prefer to laugh alone rather than stare at a blank face in anticipation.

Sushruth said...

@niki I don't know if I 'prefer' to laugh alone.. I have had to though, many times....