Monday, July 19, 2010

Snide(r's) List

Warning-This post has no intrinsic value in the true tradition of this blog itself.Self obsessed readers with the rare ability to read about others, stretching the limits of snobbishness might read on.
        For quite a few years now,I have been maintaining a mental list of people who are more intelligent than me.Needless to say given my excessive conceit,I have managed perhaps conveniently, to keep it really small.Of course my sample space is a relatively small set of people with whom i have had substantial interaction with.Currently the number stands at 5.I am willing to concede that there have been atleast 4 more potential entrants whose candidatures were shelved only because of lack of further evidence.The system broadly works like this.A one member jury ( I ) am on the lookout for people who have managed to do better than I or what I would have done.Once on the radar,the person is carefully scrutinized for "Innate Intelligence" which is the single largest important quality being evaluated for.Innate Intelligence is characterized by a uniformly superior perspective the candidate brings upon any and each topic he discusses.Once the Jury has grudgingly accepted that the candidate indeed is innately intelligent,the Jury compares itself with the candidate in every possible nonsensical way to see if he is holistically superior.This procedure can take as long as a year to complete.It is here that regrettably, many deserving people drop-off.The procedure,is absolutely harmless and care is taken that no overt embarrassment is caused to anybody concerned.For the candidate,as has been observed,it can at utmost, lead to obtaining superficial answers to some unsettling questions about the Jury.The fact that inspite of  such idiotic and ludicrous criteria,5 people have been chosen,is a testimony to their abilities.If you are one among the elite,apart from hats,you have the following (given)off to you- You have  undivided attention whenever you speak.You have a backing in your every endeavor as long as it does not indicate a sudden cerebral desolation.You will be spoken of very highly to all who care to listen.You will experience an unheard amount of congeniality and optimism during your interactions.Perhaps most importantly you are free of any insinuations that "others" are usually subjected to.(If you had expected anything better,you should have looked carefully at the test itself ).  


silk smitha and disco shanti said...

thank you thank you thank you..!!!! I am honored...!!

Sushruth said...

I am glad u didnt ask me how i had managed to find 4 others in ur league :p