Tuesday, March 23, 2010

TRYing ad absurdum

In my childhood,I was often quoted an example of the king  Robert Bruce who was inspired by a spider to wage a war.The story goes that the king was watching a spider,which after six laborious ,failed attempts to swing from one beam to another,finally in a valiant seventh time, managed to hoist itself over.Good for the spider...but was his highness taking the analogy too far in comparing himself with a creature happily engrossed in netting the cave ?.... An undocumented clarification issued by the newly appointed, insect kingdom's lawyer Mr Barry B. Benson(of the Bee Movie fame) and Mr Ram JethMalani, certainly opines so.(you might have heard about Mr Jethmalini .....They say in India,people who commit crime go behind bars.People who commit crime but have money go to Ram JethMalani.) .In an article published in the People and Insects magazine,the duo claim they have discovered an ancient 12th century scroll- nittings by the famous traveller Archano Tsang.The scroll was found buried under the many skeletons in Mr Jethmalani's closet.The discovery has been termed net-breaking by the spider community.The scroll says that the concerned spider(now classified under the kingdom Araneidae) was actually playing a game called silver swing, wherein you try to swing between two structural elements( that are able to resist bending loads), without touching either of them.After six very good swings,the spider committed a foul and lifted himself over in the famed seventh attempt.It was this, that caught the king's eye.Apparently,the spider in question ,was visibly upset.(of course the emotion escaped the notice of the king who had already started beaming by then...)
Mr Barry felt  it was unfortunate that the human race should draw inspiration from an invalid and unintentional "swing" and not the six other well executed ones.Mr Jethmalini, however tried to alleviate the mood of Mr Barry by explaining how indian politicians often swing successfully between two or sometimes even more parties without really setting foot in any of them...Mr Barry was quite intrigued by this and expressed interest in visiting the Lok Sabha.
The pointlessness of this whole Jabberwocky is that ...you should .......Try and Try and Try again,only if you have absolutely nothing else to do.Perhaps,not even then.
Perseverance is highly overrated.It's in fact dangerous.A slight overdose can be extremely suicidal.The worst thing is everybody will praise you for it but you'll soon lose much that's yours, in pursuit of the little that you think should be yours, enduring all possible hardships on the way.
If you are not smiling through the journey,you probably won't, on reaching the end.
So choose quitting for a reason over trying without reason.
Quit,because you're worth it.   


Niki Nachappa said...

Someone in admiration of the admirable at last.;)
But truth be told, perseverance is greater than quitting. Quitting is accepting the reality,the impossibility of effort to better the reality.Perseverance on the other hand,is seeking solace in hope. In many ways, it is hope that makes things endure. Most simply, without hope however feeble a lot of ppl around you wouldn't be alive.
Its always likely to be the two diverging paths in the woods Sushruth,perhaps in our own ways both our points being true and equally valid.

silk smitha and disco shanti said...

lo anna...if u quit and u are successful its attitude...if u quit and u fail..its arrogance...its all in perception u c...but...if u persever...it does not matter if u win or loose...cause the world thinks you worked hard...not in succeeding.....but i avoiding failure....u c..me and u have a lot of TK...and hence perseverance is not our glass of drink...!! :P

The amateur blogger said...

Um.. I dunno if I should comment 'bout this(but since I can't resist) I'd like to say that if you keep quitting in search of a change you'll get nowhere. What is more important is taking the right decision. If you don't do that in the first place, arguing about perseverance doesn't make any sense. Make the right choice, go for it.. And don't bother about posting any more on this subject.

sushruth said...

@Amatuer blogger
2 things
you are only allowed to view .If at all you want to comment it should beas to how great the piece of writing is.
btw you totally missed the point.

The amateur blogger said...

What I was trying to say was that the 'trying without reason' situation won't arise at all if you clearly know what you want and go for it, there