Thursday, December 10, 2009


2 Bond movies in 2 days has not really helped my megalomania.I am dazed and overwhelmed by 007.You know,I am as such at a very impressionable stage of my career. Having quit the sole job i had been generously offered and as usual having been disillusioned by the lot around me,  Bond..James Bond, seems almost irreristable.I like him....
I have never seem in uniform, never seem him carrying files,for all i know,he does not have to even punch his card.....Of course he doesn't have a cubicle and PC of his own... but what the hell, most of the time i have seen him in presidential suites and swimming pools.[sigh].He gets super cool cars from his boss for all his official work.He travels by air so damn frequently as if they were company cabs .I have never seen him preserve his bills for and i have not even started about the gals.He just walks in..and sweeps girls off their feet onto whatever is flat and wide nearby.He, for one, has got license for many things..I wonder what is the qualification required?..Must not be much..they had once hired a milkman.!!!!!

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