Thursday, September 24, 2009

How the chemistry didn't work out ;)

I and the (M)alchemist
It has been about 8 years since i read "The alchemist".I loved it at that time. i thought i'll be able to hear whispers of the universal language..over the next 3 months or so i really tried to listen to what the overgrown road hump had to say on my way to school.... the lamp post refused to talk,my bicycle remained terse apart from the occasional screech when i put the brakes and i was not able to decipher whenever the clouds made faces......the universe perhaps should have conspired harder...i never got into IITs..never found any beautiful girl sitting next to me in train....never got a totalling mistake in my favour.....
Then i gave up.
san(s) tiago life's a little less mysterious..but a lot quieter.
Anyway,last month we presented the allchemists to my brother.!!!!Hmmmm....
There's a time to read "The Alchemist";there's a time time to forget it.
It's the period between that has made that bugger coelho a millionare!!!!
P.S- I hope eleven minutes fares out longer...err... i mean better.


Nachappa (Niki) said...

Ahh glad to see u back in action.

Hmm i didn try tht hard, but i tried listening to my own heart. Took two seconds to realise give n the chance everyone plays teh bugger.

And sad as it is, tehre is a time to forget. But do we actually? we might find distant deserts to dig for our treasures in, but at the slightest hint its in a place familiar and loved sooner or later we do return.

Write more, i miss ur subtle sarcasm a lot these days :P

PS: Coelho is overrated. "winner stands alone" is worse than a week of no sleep and unlimited homework :)

Anonymous said...

Who the heck is saying this???
Coelho is a great writer. You're not worthy of commenting about him...
(I prefer to remain unnamed...)

sushruth said...

Dearest Anonymous,
if you are a member of MNS(Brazil),my apologies.
otherwise... "Thumba thanks".

with love
Yours truly.