Friday, June 05, 2009

Last MAN Standing

it's easier to grind your teeth,bite your lips,dig your heel and take the all threatening storm of 5 min on it's head.But if it's a wind,even if it's barely sufficient to throw the cap off your head and seems really innocuos, and say it hour..a day..a week... it starts eating you slowly and slowly.Because then it's not a question of courage but a quality deservingly rated high-Patience.To be able to put your head down..stretch yourself day in and wear the trouble out becomes the only option sometimes.That's why they call the last one standing..the last MAN standing.


Anonymous said...

You really seem to be in a lot of trouble :(

silk smitha and disco shanti said...

uncle..........great post once again...!! and are you alive?!? call up maadi once or twice...!!!