Saturday, October 25, 2008

"Watch"ing from close quarters

some clocks can only be followed or left alone..some clocks & "watch"es can be set...some have other uses also,some will not keep u in dark...some can "wake" u up...some keep blaring.. till u ask them to stop...some will stop the moment u ask them ..some will keep time..some so perfect that u wish u didnt have that one...some will never be set... some will skip a few sec to keep in step with u...halt a few to to allow u to catch up....some would stop and you would still keep them, for at least they are right twice a day ..some will make others look at you...some will make you not look at others...some  will tell u the same things in  different manners.... different things in some manners...and no matter how "watch"ful you are... time passes away..before you know what you were "watch"ing

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