Wednesday, April 04, 2007

an ode to greatness-MN

yesterday happened to be MN's birthday.i wish i had his no.wanted to tell him that he shaped our lives,kindered thousands of souls like mine.i usually dont confess influences but boy,he has changed me rather made me,i seriously dont know where MN ends and i begin in my life.he taught me how to think.what amazed me was his versatility i have seen people brilliant in their domains but the universe is his about literature,medicine,sociology..u name it he knows its depths. his sense of humour is outstanding,and those were not cheeky remarks or pjs he made but his masterful play with words and stupendous analogies that made us laugh.he had his own analogies for everything.hysteresis curve-totapuri mango,simple kuduk motion(shm).....
if u have lived in mysore and not listened to him u have missed something.long back niki had written something about good teachers,i didnt know how to reply to it then but now i realise ..perhaps a great teacher is one who can make his absence felt long after u have passed out from his classes, when u exclaim i wish he were to explain this...u know u have met one

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